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Presence | Original Oil Painting

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24inx30in Oil on Canvas

"Presence" commands attention and challenges the viewer with its bold assertion of visibility and being. The subject, a poised female figure, stands regally against a backdrop of burnt orange, her gaze direct and unapologetic.

Adorned in a resplendent green dress that symbolizes growth, vitality, and the richness of life, she embodies the essence of self-assurance and the audacity to simply be. Her bun hairstyle adds to her elegant and composed demeanor, while her presence speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

This piece is a visual manifesto, a response to the provocation, "Does my blackness offend you?" It stands as a defiant celebration of blackness, not as a source of offense, but as a profound presence that refuses to be diminished or ignored.

"Presence" captures the spirit of showing up and being seen in a world that often overlooks the beauty and strength inherent in black identity.

The artwork is a reminder of the courage it takes to stand tall and the resonance of a presence that is felt, acknowledged, and revered.

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